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A note for members arriving from our old Rapidforum site:: PDF Print E-mail

It happened again! For the second time in the history of The Shire Fellowship we have been evicted. If you are joining us here in our new home for the first time; Welcome to the Third Age of The Shire Fellowship! Please let us know you have found your way here from our old Rapidforum account (the Second Age of The Shire Fellowship), or even from the First Age; back in the days of the founding of this Fellowship over at the old Lycos Community forums. Welcome home!

The converison process that transferred the forum content from Rapidforum to this site brought the user accounts with it.

Note; if your password is shorter than six characters it will have to be changed. Please send us an email via the link below and we will set a temporary password for your account.

Otherwise, the same login that you used at Rapidforum should work here. If it doesn't, or you don't remember your password please use the 'Forgot Login?' link to the left or;

Contact us for help

You will find some notes about the development of this new site on Galadriel's Chalkboard on the thread called The new site and forum - Some items to note.

Thanks for catching up with us!

PrismCat, Eärrámë and everyone who is already here.

"Little by little, one travels far."

J.R.R. Tolkien


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